• Lake Union’s Portage Bay Floating Homes

    Lake Union Floating Homes In Portage Bay

    Many people looking for Lake Union floating homes just tend to look in Eastlake and Westlake.

    It is true there are a lot of  Seattle floating homes in those parts of Lake Union as well as many Seattle Houseboats in Northlake at the Seattle Marina and Gas Works Park Marina. Lesser known, but highly populated and often more upscale these days is Portage Bay.  Portage Bay is the eastern arm of Lake Union. There are 147 Portage Bay floating homes currently and three more homes on their way in Stillwater, the brand new floating home community  with electric plug ins for cars in the garage.  This is half the population of Eastlake’s 292 floating homes, but well over twice the 64 Westlake floating homes.

    Current Seattle floating homes populations:

    • Eastlake: 292
    • Westlake: 64 (38 in the southern portion and 26 in the northern portion)
    • Northlake: 14
    • Portage Bay: 147

    Portage Bay has a lot to offer.  It is walkable and obviously scenic.  The neighborhood offers quick on and off of freeways and easy access to all surrounding parts of Seattle.  The Portage Bay Loop utilizing the Montlake and University Bridges is similar in distance to walking around Green Lake and if you want a more challenging loop then walk around all of Lake Union. Roanoke Park is lovely and you are very close to Volunteer Park as well.

    Although it doesn’t have a large retail core, the retail that is there is multipurpose and quite excellent. I am speaking of course about Little Lago.  Little Lago made it’s splash in the Portage Bay neighborhood last year and quickly became the staple.  Touted as a corner grocery, it is so much more.  Their baked goods and delectable menu are simply put, addicting.  Their pizza is gourmet and at the top of our list.

    Lake Union Floating Homes For Sale

    Currently in the MLS, there are 3 Lake Union floating homes in Portage Bay ranging from $699,000 for a floating home with no owned moorage to $1,998,000 for a stunning brand new own in a condominium owned slip. In addition, there are two slips left at Stillwater if you want to build your dream floating home – complete with the last basements allowed on the lake.

    Let us know if you are interested in Portage Bay living. We are Seattle Houseboats Experts and can help you buy or sell Lake Union floating homes.  We are excited to show you our favorite spots and docks, too.

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