• Seattle Houseboat Living – Some Of The Perks Of Life On Lake Union

    What’s It Like To Live On A Seattle Houseboat?

    Seattle houseboats living

    enjoy your roof top deck!

    (Someone asked this question about Seattle houseboats on an online forum so I wanted to get some thoughts down)

    The 10 obvious Perks of Seattle Houseboat Living

    1. Affordable Seattle waterfront homes. Relative to other Seattle Waterfront Living℠ options and despite the $$$ per square foot, this is a great price overall. Especially when you consider that your monthly dues usually cover the taxes for your portion of the dock (if you are on a condo or a coop dock), water, sewer, and dock maintenance.

    The floating home is usually taxed as personal property so it is incredibly inexpensive vs. a land home for the same price. And when you go to sell , you only pay excise tax on the real estate portion of the sale aka your portion of ownership of the submerged parcel the dock is on.
    2. GREAT Parties and everyone wants to be your best friend to get an invite – especially on the Fourth of July for Lake Union Fireworks!!!
    3. One of the Greatest atmospheres –   You can’t recreate this anywhere. In city living that feels urban and “outdoorsy” at the same time
    4. The Perks of Boating Access: Launch it from your houseboat!!!  Launch a kayak, canoe, SUP, sailboat or wake board boat from your back door depending on what type of moorage comes with your home.
    5. Gorgeous Gardening (just get plants that geese don’t like)
    6. Creativity – Live amount some of the most creative and interesting people on earth (but also see #2 from list above).
    7. Pet Friendly (But there are clear lines drawn on some docks about which pet is friendlier and as a result there are many just dogs or just cats docks. )
    8. Walk able.  Most Seattle Houseboats get a great score for walk ability.  You are literally in the middle of everything.
    9. Constant Entertainment or Downtime – you choose….  Great People & Nature Watching  –   It’s an interesting combination of being in one of the most natural settings, but also being in the “middle of it all”.  Depending on where you are on the dock – fun to watch the action on Lake Union or just sit back and read a book and listen to the lapping water.

    10. Economics and Financial Stability – In the floating homes arena and now the other Floating On-Water Residences arena like vessels, house barges, and liveaboards, this is a finite number of possibilities.  There aren’t that many – a little over 500 Seattle floating homes as an example.  Economically, that helps you hedge your bets on stability of your investment.

    Seattle Houseboats Brokers

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