• Fall Days Around Lake Union

    Fremont Bridge Seattle, WA

    Fall Days Around Lake Union

    Written By Brian Olsen 206.898.3627 Brian@CooperJacobs.com

    Walking around Lake Union is a great way to see the action on the water close up. There are many areas along the loop such as Fremont and Gas Works ParkSouth Lake Union that hosts the Center for Wooden Boats. Today, I saw a group of men carving a canoe out of wood. There is also a model boat pond but nobody was there on this day, probably due to the strong Fall weather wind and much cooler temperature. It was 57 degrees in Seattle today. Another area on the Lake Union loop is Wards Covewhich is a newer development of houseboats at Eastlake.

    The loop around Lake Union is about 6.2 miles the way I go along the Burke Gilman Trail over the Fremont Bridge and along Westlake past Kenmore Air, throughEastlake and over the University Bridge back to Burke Gilman.

    Lake Union & Husky Stadium

    The walk takes about 90 minutes if done quickly and about 2 hours if approached as more of a stroll. Walking around Lake Union on the 4th of July is a wonderful experience. There are so many rooftop parties on the Seattle houseboats and as one navigates the loop there are different personalities in the various communities. Some are casual and earthy and other houseboat party’s host live bands performing for everyone to hear. People start gathering at Gas Works Park early in the morning to stake out their space and watch the 4th of July fireworks display. It does not need to be a holiday to enjoy the loop. There are many interesting stops along the way. Kenmore Air has a seaport to fly passengers around the Pacific Northwest. One can watch the line of seaplanes approach South Lake Union as the pilots bring the planes in from Kenmore, WA. One after another the planes land on the water and taxi to the dock and tie up. There are also street signs located at the waters edge. Seattle streets run to the water and mark public access to Lake Union. Take an opportunity this Fall to explore the Lake Union loop and action on the water that locals call the ‘working lake’.


    Cooper Jacobs Real Estate headquarters is in Wallingford, not far from the loop. Several of our real estate agents walk the loop and some kayak Lake Union, Green Lake and others. There is so much to see in Seattle, Washington. We know where theSleepless In Seattle houseboat is. Do you? Call to schedule a tour of Seattle real estate and let us know if you would like more information about the Seattle neighborhoods around Lake Union!

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